Top 5 anti-theft apps to secure your iPhone

26 th June 2013             Web & Technology

In today’s world, the iPhone is one of the hottest gadgets and an in-demand fashion accessory. Mobile Theft is one of the most common issues faced by mobile users these days. And the biggest tragedy of losing an iPhone isn’t so much the matter of cost, but the issue of vital personal data or media being lost forever. We do a lot of stuff on Smartphone which may contain confidential and sensitive information like passwords and credit card numbers and we do not want to get revealed. There are a number of great iPhone Apps by iPhone Developer India that every iPhone owner will want to install. To prevent, there are some of great Anti-Theft Apps for iPhone not only provide protection but also help you to track your device if it is stolen. Check out Top 5 Best Anti-Theft Apps for iPhone, iPad and iPod.


AntiTheft Apps_iPhone


Find My iPhone:

This anti-theft app allows the user to remote-protect their iPhone data from another iOS device, such as an iPad. Install it on any other iOS device, open the app and sign in with your Apple ID. Once installed, the user can track their stolen iPhone via GPS and remotely lock the unit or even wipe all the data.


Motion Alarm:

This is an ideal app for those who would like an alert whenever unapproved hands touch their iPhone. Motion Alarm is a motion-triggered alarm that blocks the iPhone sleep mode for continuous usage and sets off an alarm when the preset level of movement is reached. The screen darkens so it looks like the phone is off but it’s actually emailing you the GPS co-ordinates with Google maps.


Gotcha Pro Alarm System:

Gotcha Pro is an iPhone Security System catches motion while your device is in REAL sleep or in lock mode enabling you to secretly track.


Immobilizer for iPhone:

This anti theft app protects your iPhone against theft by detecting motion and alarming you. The alarm will sound even if someone presses the Home button and will keep sounding even when the app is closed. Immobilizer temporarily shuts down with any incoming call.


Anti-Theft provides the first line of defense. So, prevent your iPhone with these valuable anti theft apps. Get some more useful Apps by iPhone Developers India and have lots of fun you’re your Smartphone. These apps installed should provide total piece of mind for iPhone users.

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