TARGET : Google Page 1 Ranking ?

8 th May 2013             Web & Technology

TARGET : Google Page 1 Ranking ?


How to achieve Google PAGE One Ranking ?


So, are you looking for “Google PAGE 1 Ranking” for any potential keyword of your business ? There is no ABCD of SEO and hence, there are few important points which everyone try in their our set of SEO Process to achieve targeted result Google PAGE 1.


Google Page 1 Ranking


TWO Important Steps to achieve Top 10 Google Ranking:


1. Choose Targeted Keywords

There are various tools available online to find our potential keyword from list of surrounding keywords for specific domains. People mostly use Google Keyword Tool to find out keyword competition and monthly searches for respective county/location.


2. On Page Optimization

Now you just need to find out targeted lending page of website for chosen keyword. It’s very important and necessary as well that targeted keywords/anchor text straight goes to pre decided lending page rather than any page of website.


Write METAs of Pages. You must be very smart to use keywords in Meta Title, Meta Keyword and Meta Description, as META leaves first impression of your website on Search Engine.


Page content is again very important aspect for collective approach of On PAGE SEO to achieve Google PAGE 1 Placement. You need to write natural content by using various technical parameters


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If you are looking to achieve Google PAGE 1 Ranking for your pre decided important keywords, effective Social Media Marketing will surely helps you a lot in complete SEO Process. We have personally experienced this technique  for iPhone App Developers related keywords.

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