Still unaware?? Mozilla introduces JavaScript API for safe payments

18 th April 2013             Web & Technology

Mozilla plans to bring in a common API to make online payments trouble-free and protected on Firefox OS devices. As a first step, Mozilla will introduce navigator.moz Pay in Firefox OS so that Web apps can accept payments.

At the moment, the API is experimental and it might vary radically. But Mozilla’s aim is to start processing live payments on the first Firefox OS phones and evolve the API quickly from real world usage. It’s just an API to facilitate a payment for a digital good or service. Mozilla plans to work with other vendors through the W3C to reach consensus on a common API that supports web payments in the best way possible.

Smart Web Developers in India, are using all these latest Scripting and APIs very effectively in current web/application developments.By now, developers are able to simulate payments and test out the code in the Firefox Marketplace. When the payment API is shipped with Firefox OS, Mozilla plans to put in the API to Firefox for Android and desktop Firefox.

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