Now Quickoffice on your Android and iPhone!!!

18 th April 2013             Web & Technology

Just before few days Google announced the release of Quickoffice for Android and iPhone.

Google’s Quickoffice is meant for business users that have to share files and collaborate with users who don’t yet use Google Docs. Google Apps for Business can already edit Microsoft Office files using Quickoffice on an iPad, and currently starting the same on iPhone and Android devices. You can make quick edits from anywhere and save and share all in Google Drive.

Quickoffice will be very useful to iPhone and Android Application Development in India and World Wide. Google has said before that these free apps are part of its plan to make converting Office files to Google documents, or making quick edits without converting, easy on any mobile device. In adding together to bring Quickoffice to new devices, it’s also now easier to find and use your Drive files from within the Quickoffice app. Sign in with your Google Apps for Business account and your Drive folders view will now include Shared With Me, Starred, Recent and any sub folders.And in case you didn’t know, iPad and iPhone users can open and edit Office files straight from the Drive app. Just open Drive and select the file, make edits using Quickoffice and save it back to Drive.

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