List of Android Versions and their Features

9 th January 2014             Web & Technology

Why Android is in Demand as well as Developer’s favorite? Well, it is because of Android is a more compatible OS and customizable too. Let’s get the more with its versions and their features …


Android Versions

Android is a kind of robot with human appearance. It is an OS based on Linux kernel usually made for touch screens and tablets. It was originated in California U.S. Firstly made by android Inc. and further backed by Google in 2005. It is used widely in now a days, in addition it made Android Developers India and users ease the use of this technology. It also allows to access the data and services to the third party by using Google play store. It came in to the market to rival those windows mobiles and Symbian .There are many versions available in the android and have been found based on  alphabetic manner .


The latest versions are shown above. Among all, the newly available version of Android is 4.4 kit Kat. With notice that another one which is newly launched is android version 5.0 Key Lime Pie.


Android Key Lime Pie

The versions are being decided based on their API levels. As for these android SDK (software development kit) is used for installation. The API levels are decided uniquely and internationally.


Android is categorized in Alpha and Beta versions. The Android was born with the version cupcake, after that Donut , Éclair, Froyo , Gingerbread , Honeycomb , Jelly bean , Kit Kat  and now its Key lime Pie. There is a wide range of applications it caters to the user like Gaming, Maps, YouTube, Messenger, Facebook, Free Caller, Antivirus, GPS, Weather reporting, Security purpose, Personalized Apps and many more.


It is widely used in today’s world all over because of its flexibility. By adding that it is easy for Android App Developers India to make and maintain.  Even it’s having a very fast processor with different features. By way of it is less expensive that can be affordable and that is why it’s in center of eyesight. Even companies can Hire Android Developers India to get more out of their business by developing a powerful business Apps.

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