Innovative Era of the Bendable Smart Phones!

5 th June 2013             Web & Technology

Pliable electronics – evidently a future trend! Do you ever get tired of the simplicity and sensitivity of your smart phone’s touch screen?? Then bendable smart phones are few steps to closer to get rid out of that. The smart phone of future will be as flexible as paper. The phone will be bendable as well as flexible enough to change shape in hand and pocket. The flexible screen makes use of OLED technology and a thin layer of chemicals that produces a bright, colorful screen.

Bendable Smart Phoes

Get more durability as a key feature of bendable displays. This cutting edge trend will really begin to amend how people interact with their devices, opening up new lifestyle possibilities. If the bendable screen concept ever truly gets to that stage–where the screen is as thin and agile and flexible as a sheet of paper, mobile will become more user-friendly. Mobile application development in India could be one of the factors for these types of tremendous technology innovations.

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