Google’s New Street View Technology to Decode CAPTCHA Security Test

24 th April 2014             Web & Technology

During improvement of Google Maps, the Google street View has been created. The Google team has created a new computer program that is good at recognizing text in photographs. Google Street View is recent Technology that is used to decode CAPTCHA Security Code which is faster and better than that humans can do.


This new technology can recognize multi digit numbers in photographs that has been captured at street level, which is an important component in modern day map-making. The Google Inc.(NASDAQ: GOOG) said  in research that “More broadly, recognizing numbers in photographs is a problem to the optical recognition community.” The best known and most secure tests which are used for distinguishing humans from bots can also be fool by this Google Street View Technology.






This Google’s Algorithm was able to identify and transliterate address contains in several millions of Street View Photographs with accuracy of 90 percentile accuracy. Then comes the idea for CAPTCHA code. When Google has applied this same program code for CAPTCHA puzzles. CAPTCHA  code which are calculatingly hard to read strings and user have to decipher, retype and verify that they are human or not for that also this program got success about 99.8 percent of time.

As Google’s goal is to have a machine that can recognize address automatically that is captured in the images that taken by Google car mounted Google Street View Cameras, and after this result will be match with geo-location of a building. As Google’s car drive can capture programmed images which are having hundreds of millions of multidigit address from the photographs has been captured.

Due to some difficulties of Google algorithms for photographs Google has decided to separate out steps which are used and turns a new algorithm that is used for CAPTCHA puzzles.


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