Google’s new messaging service: Hangouts

16 th May 2013             Web & Technology

Google releases stand alone, cross platform messaging app, Google+ Hangouts. It is available in play store and it replaces old talk application. People who have talk application already install will receive it as an update to existing talk application.


It has new, better layout than the existing talk application. It gives a whole bunch of new features.


Now you can converse using smileys, pictures from gallery or camera and symbols in one on one or group chat fashion. You can initiate video call with everyone involved in a chat which will ring them whether they are on phone / tablet or PC. You can do video call with upto 10 people at a time.  You can choose from hundreds of emoji to help you make your point.


You can now know when they are typing, it even has read receipts!, that is, when they have seen your messages. You can enable / disable chat history.


When you start a new hangout you can search people by name, email, circle or even phone number and start a chat.


One of the things it lack, and probably the big one! There’s actually no way to tell if someone is online. There is no online presence information of any kind. Google Talk had different colored dots fordle, or busy etc. Hangouts just has nothing.


Go and download new Hangouts app from the Play Store.


Note: If you are not able to install it on your phone / tablet or if it opens old talk app, don’t worry. It is still being rolled out to everyone over the course of several days. Rest assured Hangouts will be available soon for all Android 2.3+ devices including tablets

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