Google’s Latest SEO Update Hummingbird

7 th October 2013             Web & Technology

Affected by Google’s latest Hummingbird update?? On the event of Google’s 15th anniversary, Google has rolled out its latest SEO algorithm called ‘Hummingbird’.

Google's Latest Update Hummingbird


The newer Hummingbird is completely different than Panda and Penguin updates. The update deals with complex search queries which give better and more meaningful search results related to queries than only matching words.


The aim behind the hummingbird algorithm is to retrieve better information to customers which results are best answered to user’s query. So, to fulfil the requirements content should be most relevant and rich for the given query. Also the update aims to understand the question than only matching the words.


Hope you get a new height at Google’s search results with its latest algorithm Hummingbird!!


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