Google’s Internet Balloon Project Loon in India

22 nd July 2013             Web & Technology

Internet search giant Google’s prestigious Balloon Internet Project was introduced in June 15 in New Zealand and still in pilot phase. Depending on the accomplishment of the project, Google has decided to carry the Project Loon in diverse countries and India might be one of fortunate ones.

Google's Balloon Internet Project Loon

“Though we are still in the pilot phase, we have received several queries on the project and India has also shown great interest in the project,” said Todd Rowe managing director for global sales channels at Google.

Google’s Project Loon is intended for improving internet connectivity and network access in rural areas.

Google Loon balloons which carry Internet signal antennas hover just about 20kms above the Earth in the stratosphere and come outfitted with computers, antennas and navigational equipment to give internet access including rural areas having poor internet access..

India is the 3rd highest in the world for the number of internet users. So the balloon internet project will definitely be beneficial to Indians. This is great news for Indians as most of the rural areas are far left from getting a stable internet connection.

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