Google’s First ‘Wearable computer Glass Explorers’ will turn the whole world into search giant’s spies

18 th April 2013             Web & Technology

Google Glass is the attempt to make wearable computing mainstream, and it’s effectively a smart pair of glasses with an integrated heads-up display and a battery hidden inside the frame. These high-tech specs are about to propel us into a sci-fi future


Originally Project Glass was mooted for a public release in 2014 at the earliest but the latest Google Page One news on the Google Glass release date suggest it’s beginning to look like we could see consumer units by the end of 2013. The core of Google Glass is its tiny prism display which sits not in your eyeline, but a little above it. You can see what is on the display by glancing up. The glasses also have an embedded camera, microphone, GPS and, reportedly, use bone induction to give you sound. The results are displayed on the prism – essentially putting data into your view like a head up display (HUD).


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Here are some of the features of the innovative wearable computer:

1. Allows user to take easy, hands-free photos at any time by just screaming as loud as possible
2. Constant real-time video stream of whatever’s in front of you
3. Little fan to keep your eye cool and not removable
4. Wearers can easily enter text using cheek-mounted keypad
5. Location-sensing technology automatically calls nearest emergency personnel when distracted wearer is hit by car, train, bus, or cyclist
6. Grappling hook that shuttles glasses to safety any time wearer is imperiled
7. Sits far more comfortably on face than open laptop
8. Also allows Google to look into you


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