Google Link Disavow tool to remove backlinks harming your websites

28 th April 2014             Web & Technology

What is the link disavow tool?

The Link disavow tool allows you to refuse to acknowledge unnatural inbound links for a domain verified in your Google Webmaster Tools. If you believe particular links could be harming your website’s rankings then, you can ask Google to ignore links those you do not control.

The Need For the Google Disavow Tool?

Instead of lists entire website Google lists individual web pages. A remarkable factor in your Google ranking for any page on your website is the number of other web pages linking back to your web page.
A big problem is that you have not full control over what other web pages link back to yours. You may have links from unrelated web pages without your knowledge. These links can decrease your listing position in Google search engine.

The Google Disavow Links Tool enables you to remove such backlinks and helps you to regain your decreased ranking.

disvow tool

How to Use it correctly

As per thinking of Google’s web spam guru, Matt Cutts, “Most people do not need to use this tool.” He says it should be not to use it unless you know what you are doing.

Mainly to use link disavow too follow following two steps.

• You need to download list of links for your site
• You need to create a file contains only links you want to disavow, and upload this to Google.

To understand how it works in detail refer following link:


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