Google Implants Camera in Smart Contact Lens

9 th May 2014             Web & Technology

Google has developed new contact lenses built in micro camera, which works by blinking of eyes. These contact lenses are made to measure the glucose levels in the tears of a diabetic person. Lenses consist of an embedded circuit, a camera and sensors. Sensors like pressure sensor, light sensor, temperature sensor are also used to allow person to gain their “sixth sense”. The wireless antenna which is thinner than human hair works as a controller to communicate information through wireless devices.


google lens


The control circuit linked wirelessly or via wire with a camera and sensor. Lenses use wireless transmitter and a minuscule glucose sensor to help those diabetic persons who need to keep the watch to maintain the insulin to adjust their dose. This amazing wearable technology has invented in Google’s X lab and published recently by the US Patent and Trademark Office. Cameras and sensors surrounded on the surface which controlled by blinking as well use to take pictures of hands-free as well will help blind people to navigate obstacles.

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