Google Aims to Replace Nexus Phones with ‘Android Silver’.

1 st May 2014             Web & Technology

Android has flourished in most of the fields used by many companies like Samsung, Sony, Motorola, and Micromax and now also available in Nokia. Google has decided to replace its Nexus brand with android silver phone. This would the new era of using Android phones, but it would be also end of Nexus program.  Google is reportedly paying OEMs to limit the modifications and bloat ware that made to a small number of devices. Google will groove its Nexus brand by taking different approaches to its hardware.
Earlier of this news Google planned to set up its silver program to support only selective Smartphones. Recently it is reported that company is releasing silver Smartphones series to get maximum features like voice recognizing and water proofing facilities. Google will limit the cost of customization that carries and offers new customer to transfer their data from current handset to their new device with this Android Silver Program. Google will also provide service like video chat after sales services directly to end users, as like amazon is provided with its Mayday.


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